Elevate Suspension Rear Leaf Springs, 2” Lift, 2005 - 2022 Tacoma 2/4WD PART# K951

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Elevate Suspension Rear Leaf Springs, 2” Lift, 2005 - 2022 Tacoma 2/4WD PART# K951


The Toyota Tacoma’s factory rear springs are easily overwhelmed. Throw almost any amount of weight into the bed of the Tacoma, and the factory springs go into a negative arch. With minimal up travel, the result is a rough ride as the rear suspension constantly bottom outs. Our Elevate Suspension Excursion Series Springs solve this lack of suspension performance by completely replacing the crappy OEM rear springs. With nine thin leaves, the Excursion Series Springs yield a very progressive ride while still handling up to 300 lbs. of constant payload. A military-wrap design prevents you from getting stuck in the boonies if the main leaf ever fails. And, anti-friction pads eliminate squeaking and keep you sane. The Excursion Series Springs provide two inches of lift in the rear and will significantly improve the performance of the Tacoma's rear suspension. 

  • A replacement spring that eliminates the shortcomings of the factory leaf spring
  • Uses a 9-leaf pack of multiple thin leaves for a very progressive feel
  • A smooth ride on smaller chop while still being able to absorb bigger hits
  • Provides 2 inches of lift in the rear of the Tacoma to clear larger tires
  • Uses a military wrap design for safety and strength
  • Comes with anti-friction pads for quiet operation
  • Each leaf has a diamond-cut end for maximum flex
  • Built using USA-sourced 5160 spring steel
  • Has stout retaining pins to keep leaves aligned
  • Made to handle an additional 0-300 lbs. of weight in the bed
  • Perfect for those that go off-road with camping gear, dirt bikes, or extra weight in the bed of their trucks
  • A pair of Elevate Suspension Excursion Series Springs, U-bolts and Hardware

Q: How much lift will these give me?

A: The springs are designed to give 2” over stock height. Springs will typically sit slightly higher when first installed.

Sold as a Pair.

2X 2001 05+ Tacoma Rear Full Leaf Pack
1X 2002 05+ Tacoma U402 U-Bolt kit
1X 2003 05+ Tacoma U402 Bushing

ONE SET IN STOCK 11/29/2021